Best Winter Spots For Couples

During the winter months vacation activity is slow. Which means cheaper flights and hotels and more money to splurge on you and your significant other. It is also the time of year where your schedule is getting hectic, kids are getting antsy, and the last thing on your mind is ‘couples time’. Give yourself a break and check at these cool getaway spots sure to warm up you and your special someone.


  1. Newport, Rhode Island

Newport is a very cozy and family loving town. That’s why one of the must go to spots for a couple is the Ice Skating at Gurney’s Newport Resort & Marina . It’s open late November to March 1. Get some hot cocoa, lace up your ice skates, and get your camera ready because if you are anything like me you probably haven’t worn skates in quite some time. The laughs will be uncontrollable. The best part about this location is that is right on the marina. Hotels with breathtaking views, and restaurants like Scarpetta that will leave your mouth wanting more. Even if you don’t travel during the winter months the Gurney Newport Resort & Marina is the spot for all your couple needs. It is also home to the Annual Chili Cook Off during the Newport Winter Festival.

2. Vail, Colorado

One thing you will love about Colorado are the views, no matter what time of year the views of the mountains are breathtaking. One of the best spots for you and the love in your life is Bearcat Stables during the winter you can ride around in a horse drawn sleigh just like those old romantic movies. Want to get even more heavy on the romance check out 4 Eagle Ranch you can go from horseback riding during the day, to wine tours in the afternoon and finish your night off with a Horse Drawn Sleigh Ride Dinner. With the stars looking down at you as you look deeply into the eyes of your loved one the sleigh ride is a magical vibe. If the horseback drawn carriage ride isn’t your thing then you must check out the Manor Vail Resort. The accommodate all types of activites and their restaurant The Fitz have breathtaking views while you enjoy your meal. Visiting these gems are a must!

3. Sisters, Oregon

Let’s just be honest we all love a little adventure, that moment when your heart is racing but you are having the time of your life. The Sled Dog ride in Mt. Bachelor is home to the nationally known Oregon Trail of Dreams Sled Dog team, and is bound to get your juices flowing. The Sled Dog team will take you on a adventure through the Vail area that you and your loved one will be telling your family about for years to come. Now if you are coordination awkward like me then Skiing or snowboarding isn’t really your thing. Snowblast Tubing Park is where y’all want to be. Located in MT. Bachelor like the Sled Dogs, the tubing park is over 800 feet, with slopes and hills for all adrenaline types. Once you are ready to get something to eat first stop should definitely be The Cottonwood Cafe it is small and intimate with food options for every foodie. Their Biscuits N’ Gravy is a hit with locals and travelers. Being in cold weather also can make your bones a little stiff. The Shibui Spa is the perfect couples massage location to work on those achy bones. It has a very relaxed vibe from the moment you enter the door and the staff are super professional. They also have lodging close by called Five Point Lodge that do weddings just in case you brought someone you wanted to make it “Official” with. (Wink)

4. Puerto Del Carmen, Spain

When it comes to Spain, the people, the food, the views, and the culture make for the best all around couples trip. Puerto Del Carmen is located in the Southeast part of Spain, known for its sandy beaches and real old town feel as you walk along the beach-side boulevard. The Beach-side Boulevard street is packed on both sides with shops, food, and a nightlife atmosphere that will have you planning your next trip before this one ends. You and your special someone can start the day with a intimate private cruise on a catamaran through the Caribbean sea around Puerto Del Carmen. The cruise is about 2 hours long and the sightseeing can’t even be explained in words. You and your boo can jump into the water and do some snorkeling with the gear they provide on the boat and get some cool underwater photos to show your family back home. For those that want to make a day of it, they also do half day sailing to other Great spots close by like The Great Maya Reef and Isla Mujeres. If you are looking for that piece of wild and adventurous fun sign up to tour the Yum Balam Nature Reserve (Yum Balam Means “Lord Jaguar”) , and you get to swim with sharks, whales, and sting-rays. It is located in a place called Holbox Island and it is surrounded by the most beautiful water. Once you’ve gotten your heart rate down from the swim with sharks experience stop by the Big Fish restaurant. It is the perfect blend of pacific coast Mexican food meets Caribbean flavor.

5. Amalfi Coast, Italy

Italy is a beautiful place that is undeniable the moment you step off the plane, it’s just a vibe. One of the most beautiful place to wine and dine your loved one is in the Almalfi Coast the view, the shopping, the food it is just all around amazing. The place you want to book to really WOW your beloved is at the Le Sirenuse. The rooms have Vietri-tiled floors, with beautiful white interior, irreplaceable Italian antiques. Which probably means you don’t want to banging any headboards. There is no need to leave the hotel as the La Sponda Michelin Starred Restaurant has every thing you need and more. The breathtaking view as you enjoy a meal with your significant other as the sunsets is a good as it get. During the winter months you’ll need some hot cocoa but it is so worth it. Take in the musical culture of Italy by going to a local opera or concert at the Villa Rufolo, Ravello. It is known for its ‘moonlight concerts’, and was built in the 18th century by a very prominent wealthy family.

Thanks for checking out my top spots, come back and let me know if you traveled to any of these locations.

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