Black History Month Spotlight Owned Black Owned Businesses

Black History Month is here and as black woman building a brand and business, it is important to me to highlight others doing the same.

Today we are Celebrating and Highlighting Andrean Jacobs. She is BOSS black woman that is helping our youth one day at a time. Andrean runs a successful business that caters to our youth and their mental health called Giving Dap. When she started her company she wanted to provide resources and info to youth about their mental health like teaching them how to cope with depression. They also teach them how to not give power to depressive thoughts and find peace in positive thinking and self love. The goal is to show that WE CARE said Andrean Jacobs when I asked her Why she decided to go into this type of business. GivingDap is based out of Long Beach, CA and service the local areas like Compton, Bellflower, and Carson. If you are a pre-teen/teenager and are having a tough time, Giving Dap has your back! It may be hard to tell those you love how down and dark you are feeling but it will hurt them even more to lose you. Parents/Adults stay aware of your kids sudden change in mood, lack of wanting to hang out with friends, self isolation and emotionally withdrawn behavior. TALK TO YOUR KIDS! Andrean Jacobs the community thanks you for your service to our youth.

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Business Owner: Andrean Jacobs



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  1. Wow! Thank you for highlighting what we do. Our teens are the future and it is important that they have the resources they need to be great! I appreciate you Queen! Keep encouraging others to do great things.

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