Las Vegas To LA: Say Hello To XpressWest Rail Line

We all love to travel in some way. Whether it’s trips with the family, linking up with friends in Aruba or taking solo trips of your surrounding cities. It’s always exciting traveling to places you haven’t been, or traveling in ways your never traveled before. That’s where XpressWest comes in. Xpresswest (also called Brightline) is a high-speed rail line. It cuts your travel time down, gives you a luxury ride to your destination and better snacks then sitting in coach on Airlines.

Currently Brightline is only in Florida, where locals can ride from West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale and Miami. Within the next few years they plan to extend rides to the Orlando area. The investors of this project have big plans for this high speed rail line and plan to bring it’s services to states an countries all over the world.

The great thing about this project is it won’t cost us tax payers a dime, as they are privately funded. Meaning they aren’t being funded by the government. * High-five* Las Vegas is already close to its’ population max, with now adding the Las Vegas Raiders, Elon Musks’ underground driving tunnel, and XpressWest Rail Line, Nevada will be busting at the seams with tourist and locals. Making it more exciting and entertaining. As a resident of Nevada and born an raised in California, I’m super excited for this XpressWest Rail Line.

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The plan is to begin Brightline rail line to Las Vegas. It will make round-trips from Las Vegas to the Victor Valley, California area (Palmdale and Downtown LA). This is a 85 minute ride with Free OnBoard Wifi. With most rides from Las Vegas to California being 4-6 hrs, this is will be the best thing to happen on the West coast. The economic impact is $6 Billion and it will bring over 30,000 construction jobs and 1,000 permanent Rail Way Positions.

The construction will take time and not set to be completed until the second half of 2023. We are all still just trying to get through 2020, but this definitely gives us Westcoasters something to look forward to when it comes to traveling.

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