Gayle Benson Owner of New Orleans Saints/Pelicans Victim Of Attempted Car Theft

When you get into your car in broad daylight, the last thing you expect is for someone to jump inside your car. This is what happened to New Orleans Saints/ New Orleans Pelican Owner Gayle Benson. The unfortunate event happened last Saturday October 10,2020 around 2pm.

The NBA/NFL Owner got into her vehicle, in the Orleans Parrish area, when she noticed a white Nissan pulled up next to her making it impossible for her to get out. The passenger of the Nissan Truck got out, came to the passenger side of Mrs.Bensons car an jumped in. Although she was shook Mrs. Gayle told the car intruder to exit her vehicle and Police were on their way. Not sure if she was bluffing or not the Car intruder exited the vehicle, got back into the White Nissan Truck and left the scene. It is unclear at this time what exactly the motives were of the intruder as it is now an ongoing investigation of the NOLA Police Department.

Gratefully, Gayle Benson was not harmed during the unfortunate event and was able to drive herself home and surround herself with people she love an trusted. The NOLA PD has made very little comments on the situation as their are looking for possible suspects/evidence in this case. They did however, confirm that there was a ongoing case investigation of a attempted car theft leaving out the name of the victim, that being Mrs Gayle Benson.

I will update you as details become available.

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